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Giraffe Art Gallery

- Prices are based upon painting dimensions listed in the inventory selections below.
- Shipping is $10 per painting unless picked up at the Zoo.
- All proceeds from the sale of giraffe art go towards the care and feeding of all the animals at the Zoo!

To view artwork details and pricing, please scroll to the bottom of this gallery.

NOTE: Due to high demand Giraffe art has sold out, but more is coming soon.
Please check back here, or contact 719-633-9925, x174 or e-mail

Details of CMZ Giraffe Artwork
  • Hoofprints come on 8" x 10" stretched canvas.
  • Colors may be requested, but not guaranteed.
  • Other sizes may be available upon request
Note: Artwork pictured may no longer be available.


8" x 10" Limited-Edition Hoofprints = $60
Occassionally there are special hoofprint collages, prices as marked.

*Shipping & handling = $10 for artwork
* If you pick up your purchase at CMZ there is no shipping/handling charge.

Option to order by phone

Call 719-633-9925, x174 or e-mail Please indicate the number of the painting you want to purchase and include your contact information.